Death of Posters and Magazines in the Adult Industry

It’s fair to say that a lot has changed in the adult industry over the years. That change has increased dramatically since the inception of the internet, which has taken porn out of the world of printed media and onto everyone’s computer.


There used to be very limited channels for people to get the adult material that they wanted. This meant that posters and magazines were needed satisfy everyone’s needs.

This story runs somewhat parallel to that of the newspaper industry. For the longest time, there were only ever a few ways for people being able to get their news. Now, news is more accessible than ever, that has changed the ballgame in terms of how much these papers sell.

The Internet

The first death knell for the old-school ways of selling adult material was the rise of the internet. As the web became more developed, people were able to access more than just porn pictures. Downloading porn became a huge industry, both legally and illegally.

What really accelerated online porn use was being able to stream videos online. No longer did people have to worry about internet viruses, illegal downloading, and endless popups. It was all there at just a few clicks of a button and saw the rise of mega-sites such as PornHub.

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This change was also exacerbated by the rise of smartphones. No longer did people need to look at magazines and worry about hiding them away, they could see everything that they wanted on a mobile screen, with even the likes of Twitter showing pornographic material.

People didn’t need to worry about going to a shop or hiding it from their family. It became easy to get away with. People started putting down their magazines and started picking up phones. They stopped looking at posters and started looking at their monitors.

This type of change led the likes of Playboy to remove any nudity from their magazines in order to try and save their industry with a new approach. They added it back when that didn’t work. It’s an example of an industry that is desperate to do anything to survive.

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The Future

You also have to wonder what the future will hold for the porn movie industry. It has declined in the same way as magazines and posters but not quite as badly. There is still a market for high-production porn content but the quality of videos that you can get for free is increasingly putting that under pressure.

There will always be a thirst for adult content, but anyone can now make some amateur porn and try to sell it. The industry, as always, is adapting. There are still famous porn stars and the biggest companies are still making many movies. New legislation against the adult industry might actually lead to an increase in demand for these older types of porn.

In the UK, for example, there is looming legislation that age checks are going to be required for anyone accessing porn. This validation will not only prevent kids under 18 from watching porn but also deter those who don’t want to give their details online. The death of posters and magazines has been slow but there is still a small fire burning that might just be getting brighter.