Five cool sustainable crafts

For those of us (many of us) without the full resources to save the world overnight, there are still ways to contribute to a better society. Most items to do so can are in our very own homes. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get a little dirty… with or without some dirt.

Old Container? New Storage.

Efficiency is the key to an organized mind. So this weekend, take the time to use old boxes and containers to regain control, finding a location for household goods. Containers/boxes that are not needed for their primary purpose anymore will quickly be dumped into the trash rather being put to use properly. These containers, (after cleaning out) are resourceful for loose change, shoes/clothes, snacks, and even giving life to plants that can spruce up any room in your house. Conventional and cute.

Flip Flop Art

Most flip flops we purchase exist to be quick and functional for one season. While we don’t destroy them to the core, they naturally fall out of the eye of the fashion storm. Instead of throwing them out, create a unique piece of art to decorate your work or home space. Put the flip flops into a formation, and connect them to a metal frame to lock them place. With some patience and time, you just built your very own sculpture, (that hopefully don’t smell like feet.)


All you need are some smooth rocks from your nature hike, and little ones paint by Sherwin-Williams to decorate. Merely use a thin paintbrush to outline the design of choice, filling in the model with the desired colors to compliment it. You can create a family of owls, butterflies, or a representation of family members. This is a simple DIY project that allows for maximum creativity.

Biodegradable Origami

A skill proved to be therapeutic. This ancient Japanese art form is famous throughout the world, allowing those who engage in creating paper sculpture art. When we change of the type of paper used make it, we are preventing the ordinary paper from suffocating the ground and trees that usually create it.

Eggs Aren’t Only For Breakfast

The next time you are about to throw out an empty egg container. Think again. It is a source for a project, especially if you have little ones will keep these materials from exiting our homes, and dressing our earth. By assisting your children with scissors, cut the contents into the desired shapes. Regardless if they are squares, ovals, circles, or rectangles. This project can be turned into a lesson while engaging the mind to leave its comfort zone.